Tradition in evolution

While studying and experimenting in the world of food, Antonella identified fascinating starting points in Italian and international food tradition that have led her to completely re-invent dough for baked goods. Her research was rapidly turned into an industrial product and thus I'mpasta came into being: a dough made with durum wheat that can also be gluten free and, when added to normal dough, revolutionizes production and enhances the quality of both sweet and savoury leavened products, introducing extraordinary innovative properties when compared with conventional doughs: it is softer and lighter, more easily digested, keeps longer and has much greater flavour, while being entirely free of preservatives but is not significantly more expensive.

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Italian Revolutionary Dough

It is a unique case history in food innovation and circular economy for the food industry which, thanks to innovation in processing, is beneficial to flavour and health, the environment, production and trade.