A dough made with durum wheat that can also be gluten free that, when added to normal dough, revolutionizes production and enhances the quality of both sweet and savoury leavened products. I’mpasta introduces extraordinary innovative properties when compared with conventional doughs: it is softer and lighter, more easily digested, keeps longer and has much greater flavour, while being entirely free of preservatives but is not significantly more expensive.

Why I’mpasta is revolutionary?

Is a unique case history in food innovation and circular economy for the food industry which,thanks to innovation in processing, is beneficial to:

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Features and characteristics

How does it work?

I’mpasta is made of entirely natural ingredients deriving from the manufacturing of pasta for the food industry. It works in two ways: as a poolish starter, a pre-dough that helps leavening, structure and consistency of the final dough, or as a ready to bake dough, available for baking any kind of sweet or savoury leavened products, from bread to pizza, to croissants. In all cases, I’mpasta confers unique organoleptic, chemical and physical characteristics that are finer than those of conventional dough

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